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strategy-lightbulb-300x200An efficient and effective human resources strategy ensures you invest your energies on the things that matter to delivering your desired business outcomes.  The Emergent proposition here is not the latest and greatest “human resources fad” but a considered strategy based on where your business is now and where your business strategy wishes to take it over the next 3 or 5 years time.

Emergent will design a human resources strategy to specifically support and align to your required business strategy and outcomes. HR initiatives to deliver on the HR strategy will be identified, specific HR initiatives that are pitched to your business’ maturity, budget and work place culture being innovative by alignment with your specific needs. Emergent will then identify the mechanisms to embed these initiatives ensuring they are sustainable; policies, practices and procedures and specific success measures integrated with your monthly, quarterly and annual business reporting. Depending on the extent of change associated Emergent can bring a robust change management approach to achieving sustainable results.


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