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business-mission-light-bulb-300x200Business transformation or change is a reality for all businesses if they wish to evolve, survive and stay relevant to their customers and stakeholders. However while business transformation can be seen to present opportunities, often for some employees it can be perceived as a time of uncertainty and threat.

“Change Management” involves working with a business’ employees to help them understand what change means for them, helping them make the transition from their current status quo to the new environment and working to overcome any challenges involved.  From a management perspective it involves working to understand the organisational and behavioural adjustments (Strategy, Structure, Systems and People Practices) that need to be made to accommodate and sustain the required change.  A considered change management approach identifies the activities needed to support employees’ progress with the organisation through the change, and ensures the employment law requirements of Awards, Enterprise Agreements and Legislation are addressed.

Emergent professionals are skilled change management practitioners who will identify a change management program and lead its implementation to ensure successful sustained business transformation.


Typical change management activities Emergent professionals lead:-

  • Investigating project scope and gathering project documentation
  • Meeting key stakeholders and familiarisation with client’s own reform governance requirements
  • Building Change Management Plan
  • Managing the Change Management plan on behalf of the client
  • Building stakeholder communications for client
  • Facilitating stakeholder feedback / consultation sessions
  • Consolidating and reporting on consultation sessions feedback
  • Designing and costing organisational structure recommendations
  • Identifying training required to support proposed organisational structure
  • Designing best practice restructure implementation process addressing employment law compliance requirements
  • Supporting the implementation of the restructure
  • Training line managers and employees to deal with changes to organisational structure such a workflow and other process changes


The capabilities utilised by Emergent professionals leading change programs include:-

  • Stakeholder Engagement Consultation
  • Group Change Management Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Communications Design
  • Organisational Design
  • Job Design
  • Structural Costing Analysis
  • Restructure Implementation Planning
  • Employee Relations and Industrial Instrument analysis


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