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enableHR PartnerWhether you have 5000 employees or just five, it’s important to get your HR foundations just right. Utilise enableHR in your HR department or management team to ensure your on-boarding of new staff is efficient, your employee documentation both secure and accessible and your industrial relations compliance obligations confidently met. This cloud-based technology is perfect for business of all sizes and provides all the necessary tools, legislatively compliant templates and guides to make your day-to-day HR administration straightforward and trouble-free.

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An innovative solution for emerging HR needs

Through our partnership with enableHR, Emergent HR offers a practical, efficient and affordable way to remove the administrative stress from your growing HR needs. This cloud-based HR tool helps you manage day-to-day HR administration through the entire employee lifecycle, simplify workflows, and improve the way HR records are managed. With enableHR, you can drive consistent HR processes and records management across all business units for greater compliance, transparency and business protection.

Key capabilities for SMEs

enableHR saves you time and simplifies HR and WHS compliance.

HR Administration

Centralise all your employee and contractor records in one place, while at the same time having them securingly accessible from anywhere in Australia.

Employee/Contractor Lifecycle Management

Access practical tools, checklists and workflows for recruitment, induction, performance management, counselling and exit – anywhere, anytime.

Saves time, keeps you protected

Use enableHR for the fast way to adopt HR operational efficiencies and achieve HR and WHS compliance to protect your business.

Key capabilities for large corporates

enableHR is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Decentralised HR Delivery

Increase HR effectiveness and decrease transactional HR administration by empowering line managers to implement and manage day-to-day HR tasks.

Centralised control

Improve efficiency in HR administration by using one centralised platform to drive consistency and control the delivery of day-to-day HR processes. Enabling local action and access while at the same time delivering the effeciencies of standard processes!

Cloud-based solution

Minimise costs associated with ensuring HR documents and processes remain relevant to the business and the current legislation.


Tools and resources for Work Health & Safety management, volunteer management, advice tracking, training and qualifications , centralised records management, HR templates and tools backed by leading law firm, FCB Workplace Law, Australia’s largest specialist workplace law firm.

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